Dinner Seating Request


  •  Discuss your dining preferences with your family & friends.  The dining time you requested is listed on your booking confirmation.

                                                 (Main, Late or Your Time)

Your Time Diners do not fill out a dining request form

  • Changes to these times can only be done based on current availability. 

  • Select one person to act as spokesperson for your table and have that person send in the Dining Request. PLEASE: DO NOT EMAIL Dining Requests; USE the official On-Line Form found here. 


  • Kindly remember that there are a limited number of large tables (10's)    

  • Restaurants for YOUR TIME Dining have the exact menus as the traditional dining times. 

  •  Table assignments are done by the ship and you'll receive your confirmed dining once aboard the Mardi Gras.

  • To avoid misunderstandings or disappointment, PLEASE communicate your choices to us !!!

  •   ****Once we submit our group's dining to the ship, we cannot make changes; individual changes may be made after you board.  We regret that we cannot include any guests from the ship who are not booked with Cruises Etc.

Please Submit the Request By Friday, December 10th